This Saturday’s ‘Diamond’ Race of the newly created Jewel Series will not only crown the special series within a series champions, but will impact the final outcome of the season points chases in all divisions.  The double feature format creates an opportunity for competitors to cash in on two sets of feature points and help them either move up spots or solidify their current position.

“There are good number of drivers that have a chance to move into the top ten this weekend,” said promoter Tim Moses.  “They have missed a few weeks for various reasons and fallen out of the top ten, but the Jewel Series double features can allow them to claw their way back into the top ten and get some season end rewards.”

Points will be awarded on Saturday night for both features in all five of the weekly racing divisions.  The points will be added to the running total of all events for their season points and the points they have received for the previous two Jewel Series nights to determine thei final ranking in the Jewel Series standings.  Races for titles and position are close in both series and in all divisions.

Racin Jason Williams currently holds the lead in both series for the Jodeco Auto Sales Late Models, but while he holds a comfortable lead in the chase for the season title, he only holds a twelve point lead over Laddie Fulcher for the Jewel Series crown.  Glenn Morris is two points behind Fulcher with Shane Fulcher and Trey White within striking distance heading into the twin 20 bill for the late models.

Thomas Mewborn also has a firm grasp on the season title for the Newnan Bonding B Cadets, but is currently second in the Jewel Series rankings.  Marcus Caswell has the most points for the three completed feature races under the Jewel Series banner.  Mewborn trails Caswell by six points heading into this Saturday’s final double feature event of the year.  Dow Kirkland and Johnny Stinchcomb can also nab a title if the top two falter this weekend.

Two young guns will duel for the Jewel Series title in the Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stocks.  Dusty Jones and Austin Horton lead the pack while Kerry Carden, Rusty ‘Rocketman’ Johnson and Bill Brown are not far behind.  The dominant Clifton ‘Hog Head’ Moran is nowhere to be found in the Jewel Series point standings as the 17-time feature winner missed the first of three features for the Jewel Series back in May.

In the Mini Stocks, Rocky Johnson holds the lead for the season point title, but Gary Parker, Dorough Bright and Michael Spencer have the best shot of a Jewel Series crown.  Johnson has a chance to move into the top three for the Jewel Series as does Billy Jack Jenkins and Bo Chambers.

Three Saturday night shows remain for the 2012 season at Senoia Raceway and a number of drivers can move into the top ten with solid runs through the final four features including the double mains this Saturday night.

Check out the complete point standings by clicking on the ‘Standings’ icon on the workbar above.  Follow the link to each individual division or the Jewel Series standings listing for a complete rundown.

“I hope some of the drivers who either struggled or were unable to make some of the scheduled races come out and race with us this weekend,” added Moses.  “The twin features will give them a shot at twice the points in one night and maybe move up a spot to claim some of the point fund and awards we will present later this year to the top ten.”


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