(Senoia, GA – July 14, 2013)  LaGrange’s Dennis Hale won his first career feature race at Senoia Raceway Saturday night.  Hale won the first round of double features for the Jodeco Auto Sales Late Model division while Glenn Morris of Fayetteville won the second round.  Hale and Morris were joined by a record eight other drivers winning this past weekend as the 3/8ths mile dirt track hosted twin main events for each of their six divisions of racing.


Joining the celebration were Hampton’s Richard Goode and Alabama’s Roger Arnett as they split wins in the Newnan Bonding B Cadets.  Newnan’s Brandon Bright and Bobby Arnold each won in the Mini Stocks.  Alabama’s Paul Walters won his first race at Senoia Raceway picking up the first Bomber feature while Newnan’s Jay Conner won the second Bomber race.  There were also a pair of clean sweeps by Roopville’s Clifton Moran in the Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stocks and Sharpsburg’s Robbie Scadron in the Modified Mini class.


“There was some really good racing in all the classes,” said promoter Tim Moses.  “The double feature format mixes the race line-ups enough to create passing which makes it exciting for the fans.  It was a great show and some of the best driving we have seen from the drivers all season.”


Hale was chased all fifteen laps of the Jodeco Auto Sales Late Model’s first feature.  Jenkinsburg’s Trey White challenged the leader until the white flag lap when he broke a right rear wheel entering the first turn.  The wheel break caused the car to turn and then LaGrange’s Tod Darda had nowhere to go and was collected in the wreck.


In the second race, Glenn Morris sailed to his second win of the season while Newnan’s Marcus Caswell ran second.  Rookie driver, Austin Horton of Grantville, ran third until the final few laps of the race when Dennis Hale worked under him to snare a top three finish.


Richard Goode used an up front starting position to grab the lead during the Newnan Bonding B Cadet’s first round of racing.  Alvaton’s Hunter Worley was running a strong second until he slipped up the track in turn two on lap five.  As Worley moved up the track, Lake Spivey’s Dow Kirkland was trying the high side to pass.  The slip caused Kirkland to go higher in the turn and the veteran slapped the back stretch wall forcing his car to climb the concrete and surf along the top for about 25 yards.


Goode would go on to the win for the second time this season.  Point’s leader Roger Arnett moved past Worley a few laps before the checkers to gain second place while Stockbridge’s Billy ‘The Kid’ Stevenson and Newnan’s Johnny Stinchcomb completed the top five.


Arnett ran out front of the second feature race from the drop of the green flag.  Stevenson chased him the entire distance, but could not get a good enough run off the corners settling for his best finish of the season in second. Kirkland was third in race number two.


Great racing created some scary moments in the Bomber class first feature as Hogansville driver George Purgason raced hard with Bonaire’s Steven Jensen, Jr. and Newnan’s Jay Conner.  The three came out of turn four with Purgason stuck in the middle lane.  He moved down just enough to have Conner catch his right rear quarter panel sending him back up across the track slamming into the front stretch wall causing a violent roll-over in the first turn where he landed wheels up.  Purgason was not injured in the accident.


“That’s what happens when three cars are going for the same piece of dirt,” said race fan and car owner Bobby Lunsford of Newnan.


After the clean-up, it was Paul Walters leading the way to the checkered flag.  Jensen, Jr. was second followed by Conner.


The second Bomber race was a bit calmer Conner claimed the victory with Jensen, Jr. settling for the bridesmaid position for the second time.  Paul Walters was third followed by point’s rivals Michael Nelms of Newnan and Randy Cornwell of Peachtree City.


Brandon Bright and Bobby ‘Wild Child’ Arnold split the twin main events for the Mini Stocks.  Both races featured three wide racing and rookie racers making strong statements on the progress of their first year campaigns at the tough bullring speedway.


Griffin’s Alex Rudolph ran strong in both races capturing top five finishes while Newnan’s fifteen-year-old Brandon Libri nabbed a sixth place and a fourth place.  Both rookie drivers are among the top five in the year to date Mini Stock point standings.


“We have a good field of new, young drivers in the Mini Stock division,” said the fourth year promoter Tim Moses.  “Alex (Rudolph), Brandon (Libri), Brandon Brock have all really added to the quality of drivers in the division.  Plus, you have a couple of lady drivers coming into the mix with Cassie Dingler and Meagan Younginer.”


Clifton ‘Hog Head’ Moran chalked up number fifty and fifty-one on his career win list topping both features for the Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stocks.  Moran battled with Franklin’s Gary ‘Cornbread’ Brand each race before moving into the top spot.


Robbie Scadron used his double Mod Mini wins to move within a two markers of the points lead.  Scadron now trails only Newnan’s Joe Spencer after Villa Rica’s Todd Brewster could not make the second race of the night.  Spencer and Scadron moved past Brewster in the track standings. Brewster now trails Scadron by thirty for the runner-up spot and thirty-two from Spencer in first place.


Senoia Raceway hosts the Dog Days of Summer Special this Saturday, July 20th.  The special event will feature the Newnan Bonding B Cadets running a 30-lap main event with the winner receiving $1000.  All other divisions will also see action and fans can cash in on reduced prices at the concession stands.


Pit passes and grandstand ticket prices remain the same for this special night.  Grandstand tickets are $12; children ages 6-12 are $5 while five and under admitted for free.  Pit passes are $25 for adults and $12 for children three through twelve.  Trackside parking is available on a first come, first serve basis and includes admission into the pit area.


The pit gates open at 5pm.  Grandstands open at 6pm.  Hot laps will roll off at 7:30pm and the first green flag flies at 8pm.


Senoia Raceway is located just five miles west of Senoia, GA on Georgia Highway 16.  Easy access from both Interstate 85 or Interstate 75.


For more information, visit the Senoia Raceway website at www.senoiaraceway.com or call the speedway at 404.796.1435.


Official Results from July 13, 2013

Jodeco Auto Sales Late Models

(Feature #1)  1-Dennis Hale, LaGrange  2-Glenn Morris, Fayetteville  3-Austin Horton, Grantville  4-Marcus Caswell, Newnan  5-Tim Jenson, Bonaire  6-Tod Darda, LaGrange  7-Trey White, Stockbridge  8-Lavon Sparks, Phenix City, AL DNS: Marty Lunsford, Newnan  (Feature #2)  1-Morris  2-Caswell  3-Hale  4-Horton  5-Jenson  6-Darda  DNS: Sparks & White 

Newnan Bonding B Cadets

(Feature #1)  1-Richard Goode, Hampton  2-Roger Arnett, Lanett, AL  3-Hunter Worley, Alvaton  4-Billy Stevenson, Stockbridge  5-Johnny Srinchcomb, Newnan  6-Dow Kirkland, Lake Spivey  7-Shaun Dailey, Senoia  8-Jason Miller, Fayetteville  9-Kelly Leonard, Opelika, AL DNS: Mike Parker, Griffin (Feature #2)  1-Arnett  2-Stevenson  3-Kirkland  4-Goode  5-Stinchcomb  6-Miller  7-Dailey  8-Leonard  DNS: Worley

Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stocks

(Feature #1) 1-Clifton Moran, Roopville  2-Gary Brand, Franklin  3-Jamie Simmons, Tyrone  4-Charlie Garrett, West Point  5-Taylor Caswell, Newnan  6-William Blair, Whitesburg  (Feature #2) 1-Clifton Moran, Roopville  2-Gary Brand, Franklin  3-Jamie Simmons, Tyrone  4-Taylor Caswell, Newnan  5-Charlie Garrett, West Point  DNS: Blair   

Mini Stock

(Feature #1) 1-Brandon Bright, Newnan  2-Bobby Arnold, Newnan  3-Gary Parker, Barnesville  4-Marc Leath, Hampton  5-Alex Rudolph, Griffin  6-Brandon Libri, Newnan  7-Robert Caldwell, Sharpsburg  8-Brandon Brock, Hampton  9-Tim Pettigrew, Newnan  10-Lonnie Patterson, Sharpsburg  11-Bo Chambers, Griffin  12-Cassie Dingler, Newnan  DNS: Jimmy Johnson, Harralson; Jamie Kephart, Newnan  (Feature #2) 1-Arnold  2-Parker  3-Rudolph  4-Libri  5-Pettigrew  6-Leath  7-Caldwell  8-Chambers  9-Brock  10-Bright  11-Dingler  12-Patterson


(Feature #1) 1-Paul Walters, Valley, AL  2-Steven Jenson, Jr., Bonaire  3-Jay Conner, Newnan  4-Michael Nelms, Newnan  5-Randy Cornwell, Peachtree City  6-Josh Roddy, Palmetto  7-Dean Carey, Newnan  8-Kevin Evans, Newnan  9-George Purgason, Hogansville  (Feature #2) 1-Conner  2-Jenson  3-Walters  4-Nelms  5-Cornwell  6-Evens  7-Roddy  8-Carey  DNS: Purgason

Modified Mini

(Feature #1) 1-Robbie Scadron, Sharpsburg  2-Dorough Bright, Newnan  3-Bubba Coffey, McDonough  4-Joseph Spencer, Newnan  5-Allen Brewster, Villa Rica  6-Todd Brewster, Villa Rica  7-Dustin Smith, Carrollton  8-Trey Wood, Newnan  (Feature #2)  1-Scadron  2-Coffey  3-Bright  4-Spencer  5-Allen Brewster  6-Smith  DNS: Todd Brewster & Wood


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