OFFICIAL RESULTS - Saturday, May 24, 2014

OFFICIAL RESULTS – Saturday, May 24, 2014

Official Results from Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jodeco Auto Sales Late Model (Feature): 1-Tod Darda, LaGrange  2-Glenn Morris, Fayetteville  3-Shane Fulcher, Thomaston  4- Clifton Moran, Roopville  5-Jayce Southwell, Brooks  6-Woody Woodruff, Fayetteville  7-Austin Horton, Grantville  DNS-Trey White, Stockbridge

Newnan Bonding B Cadet (Feature): 1-David Osbahr, LaGrange  2-Jason Miller, Jonesboro  3-Wesley Lyle, Carrollton  4-Johnny Stinchcomb, Newnan  5-Zack Privette, Locust Grove  6-Charlie Garrett, LaGrange  7-Bennie Croy, McDonough  8-TJ Joiner, Fayetteville  9-Donald Doyce, Locust Grove  10-Thomas Mewborn, Greenville 

Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stock (Feature):1-Houston Hatchett, Williamson  2-Ben Wells, Milner  3-Mike Jenkins, Brooks  4-Bryson Ussery, LaGrange  5-Bill Brown, Forsyth

Senoia Drug Company Mini Stock (Feature):1-Harold Leath, Griffin  2-Marc Leath, Hampton  3-Brandon Brock, Hampton  4-Brandon Creech, Newnan  5-Gary Parker, Barnesville

A1 Hydraulics Bomber (Feature):1-John Holcomb, Griffin  2-Mike Ray, Riverdale  3-Carley Arnett, Lanett, AL 

Modified Mini (Feature): 1-Robbie Scadron, Sharpsburg  2-Dorough Bright, Newnan

Legends Cars (Feature):  1-Chris Middleton, Locust Grove  2-Dwight Pilgram, McDonough  3-Billy Stevenson, Locust Grove  4-John Ponzio, Fayetteville  5-Megahn Younginer, Stockbridge  6-Mike Younginer, Stockbridge


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