RULE CHANGE - Two Class Option Deleted

RULE CHANGE – Two Class Option Deleted

After careful consideration, officials have decided to eliminate the two class rule that was put in effect this past February which allowed a competitor to compete in two classes on the same night. 


Effective May 29, 2018 – Rule Addendum dated February 27, 2018 “Racing Two Cars at a Race Event” has been discontinued due to lack of support.  Drivers are no longer allowed to run in two classes the same night with the exception of special events.


This will be in effect for this Saturday, June 2nd at the 2018 Summer Sizzler and will remain in effect through the end of the season.


“As always, we will allow drivers to compete in one of our divisions when the are also competing in a tour series event as well,” said promoter Mayes Massey.  “If the Southern All-Stars, Outlaws or other tour series is competing, we will continue to allow drivers to run one of our track divisions as well on those nights.  There will also be an opportunity for more than one class at our annual Senoia Showdown.”


For additional information, contact the speedway at 770.599.6161.



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