Late Models - Engine restrictions keep the costs down for our local contingent of drivers. Crate engine powered race cars are allowed to run with our limited late model package (with a weight break). Fabricated chassis from a variety of dirt late model manufacturers and Hoosier Tires (mandatory). Tight and fast competition on the tough Senoia Raceway oval.









B Cadets - Fabricated chassis and stock front clip (old late models) chassis comprise a class with strict engine specifications and strict suspension rules to eliminate some of the high costs of short track racing. The rock ‘em, sock ‘em racing that all short track fans love to see.


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Hobby Stocks - The true stock car with slightly modified chassis, but stock appearing bodies of Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge. The class for the car lover and plenty of passing action throughout the field.


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Mini Stocks - The four cylinder contingent of stock car racing. Mustangs, Pintos, Vegas, Toyotas and more are prevalent in this exciting, side by side division of short track racing. Always lots of cars and lots of action.









Bombers - Eight cylinder stock cars with little to no modification allowed to the engine, chassis or suspension. Narrow tire allows the competition to stay fierce on the raceway.






Modified Mini - Four cylinder modified race cars that can create some very good, fast racing.  Rules are more open than the four cylinder mini stock division (bodies, engine, suspension, etc).


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