Grandstand Admission
Adults = $12
Children 5-12 = $5
Four & Under = FREE


Pit Area & Trackside Parking Admission
Adults = $25
Children 5-12 = $12
Four & under = FREE


Special Events may have slightly higher entrance fees


Schedule Time

Pit Gates open at 4pm.

Grandstand Gates open at 5pm.

Hot Laps begin at 7pm.

Racing at 7:30pm


Schedule times may change due to weather or special events.


Golf Carts, ATV’s and Personal Vehicles

Due to increased insurance restrictions by the track’s carrier, we must begin to enforce a new policy this Saturday, July 11th.

No golf carts, ATv’s, four-wheelers, razors and other non-licensed personal vehicles can be operated by any person under 18 years of age.  The only exception to this rule will be for a current race driver, under age 18, with the fully completed minor release form on file with the track.

Also beginning this Saturday July 11, all golf carts, ATV’s, four-wheelers, razors and other non-licensed personal vehicles will be charged a $10 insurance fee to brought through the pit gate.

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