(Senoia, GA – July 28, 2019)  Senoia Raceway finally returned to racing action after a soggy month had cancelled races since the end of last month.  That time off equated into a wild night of racing which included a pair of scary crashes with cars rolling over, three wide battles for the win and a pair of stellar performances to capture some big money pay days.


“The fans got their money’s worth tonight,” said Bill Massey track manager.  “Great racing. A few anxious moments, but great racing.”


Whitesburg’s James Swanger and Blant Duke were flung into the spotlight, but not the way they intended.  Swanger was send on a wild flip during the Hobby Stock main event after his car climbed that back stretch wall and then tumbled two and half times before coming to rest on the roof of the car.  Swanger walked away, but was clearly shaken.


Duke’s crash was the start of a multi-car melee in the first of two special events for the Crate Late Model division.  Duke was beginning his charge to the front on the first lap when he got caught up on the inside of the track launching over the top of Sharpsburg’s Wayne Harbin.  Duke also flipped several times end over end coming to rest on the inside of turn three.  Cars scattered behind trying to avoid and ended up with the wrong side up as well.


“I have never seen three cars get upside down in the same crash,” remarked Massey afterwards.


The night did finally settle down and the racing that is the norm at the track dubbed ‘the South’s Baddest Bull Ring’ became intense and action packed.  The anticipation built throughout Saturday for Crate Late Model competitors as the winner’s share increased almost each hour with businesses adding to the winner’s share.


After Duke and company were cleared from the track, LaGrange’s Colby Darda claimed the top spot for the first of the two Twin 25’s offering $1200 to win.  The young gun battled with Senoia racing guru Bubba Pollard for several laps before the veteran shot from the top side to the lowside exiting the second turn and stole away the lead.  Pollard was fresh off a big victory on Friday night in Pensacola, FL in his asphalt race car.  He was eager to continue his winning ways.  Pollard led the rest of the way with Darda settling for second.  South Carolina’s David Duke ran third in his first ever appearance at Senoia Raceway with Alabama’s TJ Brittain fourth and Marietta’s Cody Haskins in fifth.


The second Twin 25 did not feature the crashes and broken race cars like the first race.  Instead, it was filled with super fast racing with two and sometimes three wide battles for position.  Winston’s Landon Bagby flexed his muscle early on holding down the top spot, but David Duke was on a mission to make his long trip from South Carolina to pay off.  Duke shot past Bagby on lap 4 maintaining momentum on the top side of the track to steal away the lead.  Griffin’s Bobby Mills moved to second past Bagby a few laps later, but he had nothing for Duke in the night cap.  Duke went on to won the second feature for the Crate Late Models with Mills in second, Alabama’s Dylan Knowles third, Colby Darda fourth and after starting scratch on the field Bubba Pollard worked his to a top five finish.  Bagby ended up sixth.


In the Limited Late Model feature, Alabama’s Russ Ogletree went flag to flag for the victory.  He left the rest of his competitors to battle which included a late race restart that saw Pine Mountain’s Dustin Elliott split Terrence Nowell of Phenix City, Alabama and Cartersville Jacques Daniel to grab second.  Elliott slid high after completing the remarkable pass and that allowed Nowell to race back past in turn four.  The three drivers tussled for a couple more laps before settling in for the final run to the checkers.  It was Ogletree’s first win at Senoia Raceway.  Nowell came home second ahead of Elliott, Daniel and Greenville’s Thomas Mewborn.


Alabama’s Jake Sanders looked poised to win his fourth feature of the season in the Hobby before his engine blew on the final lap.  Sanders had set a new track record for the division in preliminary action and led all the laps until his power plant detonated ending his quest to pad his points lead.  Mansfield’s Blake Harmon was the benefactor as he raced past to collect the checkers.  Senoia’s Michael Couch was second ahead of Milner’s Ben Wells.


Other winners on Saturday night included Jason Williams of Locust Grove in the Late Model Sportsman.  The former Limited Late Model champion won his fourth of the year.  Senoia’s Dustin Smith never was challenged on his way to victory in the Bombers. Dan Bennett of Logainville out ran McDonough’s Joshua Till for the Mini Stock laurels while LaGrange’s Nathan Farrow was handed the win in the Hot Shots after winner Ernest Turner did not pass post race technical inspection.  Newnan’s Scott Amoson won his second Charger feature of the season too.


Monster Trucks and the fan favorite “Back to School Bash” is scheduled for Saturday, August 3rd.  War Wizard will be back to defend his title from a year ago when he launched high into the air and snagged a track power line causing the facility to lose all of the track lights.  War Wizard will have several competitors trying to top that performance and place their names in the Senoia Raceway record books.


The Saturday, August 3rd event will also feature an old-fashioned demolition derby and racing action in the Late Model Sportsman, Chargers, Mini Stock and Hot Shots. 


The gates will open at 3pm for the pit area and trackside parking while the grandstand will open at 5pm.  Opening ceremonies takes place at 7:00pm.  Tickets are $20; kids 5-12 are $10 with four and under admitted for free.  The track will also offer reserved seating along the top row of the grandstand.  Interested parties can call the track at 770.599.6161.


For the full schedule of events along with special attractions, promotions and additional information, visit the track website at www.senoiaraceway.com or call the speedway at 770.599.6161.


Official Results – Saturday, July 28, 2019   

Limited Late Models (Feature):  1-Russ Ogletree, Phenix City, AL  2-Terrence Nowell, Phenix City, AL  3-Dustin Elliott, Pine Mountain  4-Jacques Daniel, Cartersville  5-Thomas Mewborn, Greenville  6-Johnny Cloer, Chatsworth  7-Jimmy Price, Oxford  8-Glenn Morris, Fayetteville  9-Randall Powell, Oxford  10-Jamie Carr, LaGrange  11-David Turner, Dallas  12-Shane Fulcher, Thomaston  13-Jake Traylor, LaGrange  DNS: Joe Darda, Greenville; Ricky Williams, Fayetteville  Fast Qualifier: Nowell – 14.455 seconds/84.4 mph

Crate Late Models (Feature #1): 1-Bubba Pollard, Senoia  2-Colby Darda, LaGrange  3-David Duke, Sumter, SC  4-TJ Brittain, Cemtre, AL  5-Cody Haskins, Marietta  6-Landon Bagby, Winston  7-Jamie Maurice, McDonough  8-Corey Dunn, Milledgeville  9-Marty Massey, Winston  10-Matthew Wyatt, Eastonolee  11-Bobby Mills, Griffin  12-Morgan Alexander, Jackson  13-Ty Ellis, Covington  14-Dow Kirkland, Lake Spivey  15-Corey Payton, Newnan  16-Chris Carr, Newnan  17-Blant Duke, Whitesburg  18-Wayne Harbin, Sharpsburg  19-Dylan Knowles, Lannett, AL  20-Phillip Deal, Tyrone  21-Tina Johnson, Senoia  22-Clay Fancher, Conyers  23-Travis Price, Oxford  24-Chase Baker, LaGrange  DNS: Holly Stanfield, Chatsworth  Fast Qualifier: Duke – 14.467 seconds/84.4 mph

Crate Late Models (Feature #2):  1-David Duke  2-Mills  3-Knowles  4-Darda  5-Pollard  6-Bagby  7-Brittain  8-Massey  9-Maurice  10-Wyatt  11-Haskins  12-Dunn  13-Carr  14-Payton  15-Johnson  16-Alexander  17-Kirkland  DNS: Blant Duke; Deal; Stanfield; Harbin; Fancher; Baker; Powell; Ellis

Late Model Sportsman (Feature): 1-Jason Williams, Locust Grove  2-McKenna Nelms, Newnan  3-Willam Blair, Whitesburg  4-Jamie Nicholson, Jr., Locust Grove  5-Bobby Arnold, Newnan  6-Billy Stevenson, Locust Grove  7-Mike Abercrombie, Jackson  8-Rickey Payton, Newnan  9-Sam Carter, Covington  10-Shane Payton, Newnan  11-Jason Turner, McDonough  12-Braxton Barber, Valley, AL  13-Ted Minnix, McDonough  DNS: Dalton Benefield, Carrollton; Zach Holden, Jackson  Fast Qualifier: Arnold – 15.029 seconds/89.8 mph

Hobby (Feature):  1-Blake Harmon, Mansfield  2-Michael Couch, Senoia  3-Ben Wells, Milner  4-Chris Steele, Franklin  5-TJ Joiner, Lithia Springs  6-Jake Sanders, Camp Hill, AL  7-JR Hardy, Covington  8-Landon DeGraff, Barnesville  9-Keith West, Powder Springs  10-Larry Bednar, Locust Grove  11-James Swanger, Whitesburg  12-Michael Thomas, Whitesburg  DNS: Chris Kozusnik, Newnan  Fast Qualifier: Sanders – 15.571 seconds/86.7 mph *new track record*

Bomber (Feature): 1-Dustin Smith, Senoia  2-Curtis Turner, Brooks  3-Shannon Stephens, Franklin  4-Vern Miller, Newnan  5-Larry Pierce, Griffin  6-Jim Jackson, Zebulon  7-Craig Boozer, Jackson  Fast Qualifier: Stephens – 16.712 seconds/80.8 mph

Mini Stock (Feature): 1-Dan Bennett, Loganville  2-Joshua Till, McDonough  3-Caylan Kettle, Colbert  4-Grant Roberts, Good Hope  5-Tommy Faulkner, Newnan  6-Cody Lively, Locust Grove  7-Bob Faulkner, Newnan  8-Phillip Wallace, Locust Grove  9-Robert Holder, Griffin  10-John Caldwell, Senoia  DNS: Harold Leath, Hampton  Fast Qualifier: Till – 16.977 seconds/79.5 mph *new track record*

Hot Shot (Feature): 1-Nathan Farrow, LaGrange  2-Cory Wilson, Locust Grove  3-Cory Greene, Griffin  4-Stacey Henderson, Senoia  5-Wade Crittenden, Newnan  DQ: Ernie Turner, Douglasville

Chargers (Feature #1):  1-Scott Amoson, Newnan  2-Scott Shelton, Fayetteville  3-Griffin Alexander, Locust Grove  4-Will McConnell, Dallas  5-Ridge McCoy, Sandersville  6-Johnny Stinchcomb, Newnan  7-Abe Chase, Valley, AL  8-Jimmy Baxter, Jr., Newnan  9-Jason Stevenson, Locust Grove  10-Chad Atha, Loganville  11-Dawson Martin, Oxford  12-Dave McWilliams, Brooks  13-Brant Hardin, McDonough


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