(Senoia, GA – July 29, 2013)  Joseph Brown of Cataula chased Alabama’s Marc Gooden the entire 30 laps of the Newnan Bonding B Cadet special on Saturday night at Senoia Raceway.  Brown tried everything to pass Gooden, but could not get it done until the post-race weigh-in when Gooden’s car was found to be ten pounds light.  The $1000 payday was then awarded to Brown.


Brown’s win was coupled with a win by Newnan’s Parrish Duncan in the Newnan Bonding B Cadets.  Newnan’s Rucker Orr was also successful in his return to Senoia Raceway winning the make-up feature for the Jodeco Auto Sales Late Models.  LaGrange’s Tod Darda picked up the checkered flag in the other feature for the late models.  Roopville’s Clifton Moran once again won the main event for the Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stocks while Newnan’s Brandon Bright topped the Mini Stock, Peachtree City’s Randy Cornwell bested the Bombers and Villa Rica’s Todd Brewster was the winner in the Modified Mini.


Saturday night’s packed grandstand enjoyed a pair of make-up features from the previous week’s racing schedule.  The Newnan Bonding B Cadet special was rescheduled and was the first feature to roll out on to the 3/8ths mile bull ring.  Pole-sitter Joseph Brown along with Marc Gooden brought the field of eighteen cars to green with Gooden using the top side to garner the race’s first lead.


While the leaders settled in for the battle, drivers throughout the field were scurrying for position.  Stockbridge’s Jeff Carter bounced off the back stretch wall just before Alvaton’s Hunter ‘Wildman’ Worley broke a right rear wheel in turn four bringing out the first caution of the night.  The race was slowed eleven times for cautions.


Brown looked for a path around Gooden for the lead, but each time was shut down.  Greenville’s Thomas Mewborn found his groove about halfway through the race.  Mewborn moved past Carter to join the top five on lap 14.  A few laps later, his charge placed him in a dogfight with Hampton’s Paul ‘Cowboy’ Holloway for third place.  Mewborn would try the high side only to have the veteran Holloway squeeze him.  Then he would look low to try and shoot past with Holloway sliding down in front of him.


When the checkers flew, Gooden was first across the line followed by Brown, Holloway, Mewborn and Alabama’s Roger Arnett.  Gooden and Holloway were both found to be light moving Brown to the winner’s circle and Mewborn to second.  Arnett was awarded third with Newnan’s Parrish Duncan fourth and David Burton, also from Newnan, in fifth.


“I think the number of cautions caused the drivers to burn more fuel than they thought they would and probably cost them the weight,” said promoter Tim Moses. “But, you have to plan for things like that.  Unfortunately, we do not allow any burn-off or weight changes.”


Parrish Duncan held off Roger Arnett and Thomas Mewborn in the second race for the Newnan Bonding B Cadets.  Mewborn was again the crowd favorite working the top side of the race track to gain positions.  Paul Holloway redeemed himself in round two finishing in fourth with Stockbridge’s Billy ‘The Kid’ Stevenson completing the first five.


Rucker Orr returned to Senoia Raceway to claim the win in the Jodeco Auto Sales Late Model make-up feature.  Orr held off points leader Glenn Morris of Fayetteville until late in the race when Morris’ car developed engine problems.  Jenkinsburg’s Trey White then accepted the role of Orr chaser, but fell a few feet short at the line.


LaGrange’s Tod Darda won the second round feature for the Jodeco Auto Sales Late Models.  White again was trying to catch the leader when he slipped up in turn one on lap 12 allowing LaGrange’s Dennis Hale and Orr to slip past.  White would settle for fourth followed by Newnan’s Marcus Caswell.


Franklin’s Gary Brand was on his way to a second feature win for 2013 in the Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stocks.  But a late race mistake cost him the hardware allowing Clifton ‘Hog Head’ Moran to claim his fifty-second win in two plus seasons.  Brand’s car developed a push in the final three laps of a race he controlled from the on-set.


Tyrone’s Jamie Simmons had his car nearly destroyed on lap two of the Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stock race when he lost control in turn two and was hit head-on by Carrollton’s Jeff Bowen.  The two car tangle then collected Whitesburg’s William Blair creating a Bowen sandwich.  The drivers were not hurt, but all cars had to be towed to the pit area.


Brandon Bright notched his 16th career victory in the Mini Stock main event.  Bright tops the career win list for the four-cylinder division.  He held off current Mini Stock points leader Bobby ‘Wild Child’ Arnold of Newnan for the honors.  Another Newnan driver, Brandon Libri came home third with Barnesville’s Gary Parker going three wide on the final lap to snare fourth just ahead of Griffin’s Alex Rudolph.


The Mini Stock battle for rookie of the year heated up immensely this past Saturday night when 15-year-old Brandon Libri closed the gap on another 15-year-old rookie Brandon Brock of Hampton.  The two drivers will go into this weekend’s racing event separated by only six points for the first year driver’s honor.


Randy Cornwell picked up his second feature win of the season besting the Bomber division while Todd Brewster closed in on the points lead in the Modified Mini with his fifth win of the year.  Brewster trails Newnan’s Joe Spencer by twelve points.


The final event of the night was the third annual Waterless Boat Race and the crowd again was entertained thoroughly by drivers crashing and smashing boats.  McDonough’s Tim Tim was the final driver to still have his boat attached and declared the winner.  The fan favorite was awarded to entry Cale’s Whale.


The fun continues this week as Senoia Raceway hosts the ‘Back to School Bash’ which offers children ages 12 and under free admission into the grandstand.  The track will also conduct the very popular kids rides in the race cars prior to the 8pm start time.


“The kids love the rides in the race cars,” said Tim Moses.  “The look in their eyes and the smiles from ear to ear make this whole venture worth all the work.  It is one of my most favorite promotions.”


There will be a full night of racing included with the special kids activities.  Jodeco Auto Sales Late Models, Newnan Bonding B Cadets, Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks, Bombers and Modified Mini will be in action.


Grandstand tickets are $12; children ages 12 and under will be admitted for free.  Pit passes are $25 for adults and $12 for children three through twelve.  Trackside parking is available on a first come, first serve basis and includes admission into the pit area.


The pit gates open at 5pm.  Grandstands open at 6pm.  Hot laps will roll off at 7:30pm, kids rides in the race cars is at 7:45pm and the first green flag flies at 8pm.


Senoia Raceway is located just five miles west of Senoia, GA on Georgia Highway 16.  Easy access from both Interstate 85 or Interstate 75.


For more information, visit the Senoia Raceway website at or call the speedway at 404.796.1435.


Official Results from July 27, 2013

Jodeco Auto Sales Late Models

Feature (from 7.20.13)  1-Rucker Orr, Newnan  2-Trey White, Jenkinsburg  3-Marcus Caswell, Newnan  4-Jamie Carr, LaGrange  5-Joey Armistead, Senoia  6-Glenn Morris, Fayetteville

Feature:  1-Tod Darda, LaGrange  2-Dennis Hale, LaGrange  3-Rucker Orr, Newnan  4-Trey White, Jenkinsburg  5-Marcus Caswell, Newnan  6-Jamie Carr, LaGrange  7-Nicky Prosser, Newnan  8-Joey Armistead, Senoia  9-Dusty Jones, LaGrange  10-Marty Lunsford, Newnan  11-Glenn Morris, Fayetteville  12-Austin Horton, Grantville  DNS: Frank Rogers, Villa Rica  Fast Qualifier: Darda (14,931 seconds)

Newnan Bonding B Cadets

Feature (from 7.20.13)  1-Joseph Brown, Cataula  2-Thomas Mewborn, Greenville  3-Roger Arnett, Lanett, AL  4-Parrish Duncan, Newnan  5-David Burton, Newnan  6-Dow Kirkland, Lake Spivey  7-Billy Stevenson, Stockbridge  8-Brandon Pjnineberg, Five Points, AL  9-Johnny Stinchcomb, Newnan  10-Corey Payton, Newnan  11-Mike Parker, Griffin  12-Jimmy Baxter, Newnan  13-Jeff Carter, Stockbridge  14-Paul Walters, Valley, AL  15-Hunter Worley, Alvaton  DQ: Marc Gooden, LaFayette, AL (light); Paul Holloway, Hampton (light)  DNS: Kelly Leonard, Opelika, AL

Feature:  1-Duncan  2-Arnett  3-Mewborn  4-Holloway  5-Stevenson  6-Stinchcomb  7-Kirkland  8-Walters  9-Burton  10-Carter  11-Worley  12-Baxter  13-Miller  14-Pjnineberg

Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stocks

(Feature) 1-Clifton Moran, Roopville  2-Gary Brand, Franklin  3-Lee McElwaney, Newnan  4-Kerry Carden, Brooks  5-Jeff Bowen, Carrollton  6-William Blair, Whitesburg  7-Jamie Simmons, Tyrone  Heat: Simmons  

Mini Stock

(Feature) 1-Brandon Bright, Newnan  2-Bobby Arnold, Newnan  3-Brandon Libri, Newnan  4-Gary Parker, Barnesville  5-Alex Rudolph, Griffin  6-Bo Chambers, Griffin  7-Robert Caldwell, Sharpsburg  8-Tim Pettigrew, Newnan  9-Marc Leath, Hampton  10-Bubba Hicks, Griffin  11-Brandon Brock, Hampton  DNS: Kristy Loveless, Newnan  Heats: Arnold & Bright  


(Feature) 1-Randy Cornwell, Peachtree City  2-Michael Nelms, Newnan  3-Bill Smith, Lanett, AL  4-Winford Minix, Senoia  DQ: Josh Roddy, Palmetto (light)  Heat: Cornwell

Modified Mini

(Feature) 1-Todd Brewster, Villa Rica  2-Lane Wilt, Newnan  3-Dorough Bright, Newnan 4-Joe Spener, Newnan  Heat: Brewster


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